A Reddit Post Response…

No one apart from the Lord knows, for certain.

How do you treat others? With love, compassion, generosity, kindness and forgiveness?

Or are you wrapped up in seeking somonelse’s reassurance of salvation whilst condemning others? Do you look down on non-Christians, do you criticise others for “not being Christian enough”?

Do you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick or those in prison (and not necessarily those incarcerated but those in prisons of debt, addiction, mental illness, loneliness or stress)?

Or do you think that they brought it upon themselves?

Do you pray with humility, in secret, or only in a big Megachurch with hundreds of others. Do you pray for yourself or for the needs of others?

What do you learn from Scripture? Is it to love everyone and all of creation because of the example of Jesus, or to be reassured that you can smite others in the name of a vengeful God?

The work of Salvation will take you all of your life, and will not be dependent upon an altar call, a testimony, or a single sacrament. It is not a point in time, but a process. Work at it. Work towards it. Trust in the Lord and have faith.

There is no winning post, only a journey and at life’s end, the merciful Lord will forgive you your sins, if “you do truly and earnestly repent of them” and ask you how you tried at least to live your life. Only then will you know if you are saved.

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