A Message from Fr Simon

Many of you are aware, I am sure, of the challenges our Churches face, especially in Bickleigh with no Churchwardens, and in Shaugh with ever increasing costs and diminishing numbers..

The removal of my input to Bickleigh Down School has broken my heart to the extent that I feel I no longer feel able to effectively minister here.

For the past 12 years I have sought to lead our Churches together towards the Lord, and in lockdown and this post-COVID era, it proved costly to my physical and mental health: I am burnt out.

I have therefore agreed with the Diocese that my ministry here will end on the 31st August 2023. After that I will no longer in fulltime ministry.

Over these next few months until that date we will try and achieve the most effective handover and provision will be made with the new Archdeacon and the Area Dean to ensure that worship will be covered.

Please hold Lou and I in your prayers as our life at the Vicarage in Leat Walk comes to an end, as I will surely hold you in mine.

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